Retrospect of the 80-year history of Taegu YMCA and resolution for the Third Millennium.
  During the early period of Japanese colonial rule, the Korean peninsula was yearning for Independence. At this time Taegu YMCA, originated from the Young Men's Mission Association, built the YMCA assembly hall and established "Kyonam YMCA" in 1918 with the support from the Taegu Mission Home of the American Northern Presbyterian Church.
  "Oh! It is the very youth who will bring the prosperity or adversity to our people. Wake up, young man! And go for it!" cried out a commentator of Dong-A Newspaper sending his best wishes for the foundation.
  At the dark age of the Japanese regime Taegu YMCA got a head start in practical guidance for adolescents who would lead this country in the future. Some of the programs that Taegu YMCA held in its formative years included various lectures, discussions, law classes, and women education that could build up the citizens' consciousness. Taegu YMCA, also, reached the frustrated people with gospels by means of Medicine Market, Education on Farming Methods, and Programs for the Poor. Kyonam YMCA's 30-year history, from 1918 to 1948, was a tough pilgrimage toward the self-motivated ethnic independence and the people's welfare in response to God's Calling.
  While Taegu YMCA was experiencing both the great joy of Independence and the deep sorrow of the Korean War, it endeavored to stick to the identity of the Christian Social Movement that carried out God's Will to make a peaceful and joyful world. Some of the devoted leaders of Taegu YMCA constructed a wooden assembly hall in Duksandong¡ªwhere the present assembly hall is located, and this was a stepping stone toward further advance. Recruiting professionals in many fields, also, became a astonishing breakthrough in the YMCA movements and programs. Futhermore, Taegu YMCA created a self-supporting financial system through popular and profit-earning lectures such as English and Math Classes and came close to the people and the adolescents lost in poverty and the vanity of spirit.
  Through organizing High School YMCA and University YMCA that were the pivotal activator of the YMCA's movement, Taegu YMCA encouraged the young people and students' movements and opened orphanages for the youth in need. Taegu YMCA Vocational School provided young people with the opportunities of employment by offering programs for beautician and dressmaker. Lectures for Church Music and Recreation Leadership contributed to cultivate the healthy culture of the Christian Association. With the birth of International Y's Men Club, which was a global volunteer club, Taegu YMCA shaped services for the impoverished rural communities and the outcast neighbors through Work Camp, Medical Services, Farm Condition Improvement Programs and so on.
  In the 1960's all the people, who had experienced 4 19 student movement and 5 16 military coup, tightened up their belts and worked hard for the economic development. On September 15, 1960,

 Taegu YMCA completed the construction of the four-storied assembly hall under the auspices of North American YMCA Committee's fund for 'Building for Brotherhood' and the fund self-raised. The National Conferences of High School YMCA, University YMCA and Y's men Korean Branches were held in the newly-built Taegu YMCA Assembly Hall, which resulted in the raise of its prestige.
  High School YMCA and University YMCA offered Weekend Conferences, Summer Service Activities for the Farms, Community Reconstruction Movement, and International Work Camp, which stimulated the spirit and the knowledge of the youth. In addition, the School of Tourism and Hotel, comprising two major institutions along with the Technical High School, produced hotel employees with qualifications. It was at the very moment that Taegu YMCA affiliated itself with Japanese YMCAs, especially Osaka YMCA. Taegu YMCA in a changing, industrializing society was challenged to develop new cultural programs and services that would set the citizens free from non-humanitarian urban life. In response to this great demand, Folk Dance Classes, Sing-Along YMCA movement, camera club and guitar club had been created for the citizens.
  In the 1970s, there was a strong need for an awakening and reflection based on an acknowledgement of the negative impact of totalitarianism. Monday Seminar started in 1969, and it developed citizens' consciousness and offered the foundation of social development movement of the 1970s. In 1972 the social development movement was energetically initiated, which was a result of the revolutionary change in Lay Leadership. A variety of programs performed at the period included Delivery of Rear Car to the people in poverty, Establishment of Program Center for the Poor, Medical Service for Non-Doctor Community, Rice Bank Association Foundation, Credit Union Foundation, and Citizens' Forum. In addition, Taegu YMCA started the Social Education Programs such as Younger Children Education Program and Ladies' Class and Camp. An introduction of scientific method for collecting members increased the amount of YMCA members as well as funds. Furthermore, newly created Y's Men Club grew both in its quantity and quality, and allowed itself to successfully carry out the role of volunteer organization, which consequently helped YMCA. Taegu YMCA also made its contribution to community cooperation projects that were concerned with Lay Leaders Conference in Youngnam Area, Lessons for Club Leaders in Youngnam Area and Support for Foundation of Ulsan, Pohang and Younchun YMCA.
  The 1980s were the period of another military regime that oppressed the whole Korean society. In other words, the Kangju movement for democracy and social justice was suppressed by the military coup. In this climate of social oppression, Taegu YMCA played a leading role in awakening the citizens and organizing citizens' movement through Establishment of Evening Schools for the Working Adolescents, Leadership Training for Rural Community, Educational Democratization Movement, Campaign for the Rejection of Television Subscription Fee, Campaign for Reduction of Foreign Debt and Unification Movement. Other programs and campaigns for the raise of citizens' consciousness included Theological Academy for Ordinary Christians, Citizens' Academy and Citizens' Forum; for the renewal of University YMCA and Youth YMCA-Mission Campaign for Youth, Forum 4319 and Summer Caravan; for the improvement of citizens' physical condition-Physical Fitness Camp and Organization of Children Sports Team; for the social education cultural life - Camp for the Handicapped in Hearing and Cultural Education Program for the Aged; and furthermore Kumamoto and Taegu YMCAs' Cultural Exchange Activities.
  The 1990s were a great turning point leading a growth-oriented Korean society into an eco-friendly civil society, as a result of the favorable consequences of several incidents, Nakdong River Penol Incident and Sangindong Gas Explosion. Taegu YMCA in the fact-finding process and in search for measures of the incidents performed a crucial task as a channel for the citizens' eco-movement. The programs implemented in the 1990s for Membership Organizing Work and Leadership Development were Citizens' Mediation Center, Conference for civil movement policy, Publication of bimonthly Taegu YMCA news letter; for Youth Movement¡ªJuvenile Delinquency issue research center and Exchange Work Camp of Urban-rural youth; Social Education and Cultural Activity¡ªPreschool education and outdoor activity, Vocational Training Program, Silver University for the Aged Person and Child Care Center and Afternoon School for the Children of Working Women; Physical Education and Wellmess Movement¡ªCitizens' Physical wellness Program for the aged and physical and Mentally disabled youth, Night Wellness program for young labours and Community Sports Club Development; Civil Society Development and Citizens' Movement¡ªEnvironment Monitoring Activity, Action 21 Campaign for making Taegu City toward 21st century, Green City Campaign for ecologically sound and sustainable city, Volunteer Information Center and Campaign for Fair Election and Democratic civil Society; International Cooperation- Taegu-Kumamoto YMCA Joint Lay Leadership and Mission Conference, Taegu-Kumamoto-Chiangmai YMCA Joint Work Camp, Youth Work Camp in Vietnam and Fundraising Campaign for Hanshin Earthquake Victims in Japan.

 The 80 years history of Taegu YMCA is the very history of Christian Social Movement in the Taegu community practicing the Youth Mission that is one of the tenets of Christianity. Taegu YMCA, as an organic creature, has also endeavored to stick with the Christian Youth Movement that follows Jesus Christ in spite of the ordeals and difficulties of the past 80 years. Despite the limited resources of the organization, it has been dedicated to the improvement of people's welfare and the creation of a new culture. The Taegu YMCA's commitment and dedication to the Korean YMCA movement has never wavered, which is due to the lasting stability of the leadership. Since the 1950's the leaders from High School YMCAs and University YMCAs have carried out Lay Leadership of Taegu YMCA, which became the source of Taegu YMCA's progress. Taegu YMCA has, also, been energetically supported by Y's Men Club as well as both Professional and Lay Leadership. On this human resource Taegu YMCA has shaped not only various projects but splendid models that are especially effective to solicit new members.
  In 1960 Taegu YMCA built the assembly hall in support of the International Committee of North American YMCAs, formed the base for the self-supporting YMCA and had not spare neighborhood local YMCAs the assistance of Youth Club, Leadership Supply and Program Support. In response to the YMCA's movement and purpose to cultivate future leadership Taegu YMCA implemented new programs. The continuing interest and research on Camp Program and the International Cooperation with Kumamoto YMCA offered an ideal model in the field that helped the development of the YMCA movement.
  The Taegu YMCA's 80 years history is a tradition that the current YMCA should follow. It is not the pride of a long history but the will to overcome ordeals that we must learn. Taegu YMCA has to stay open and conscious of today's realities and not to forget what it must do.
  Now Taegu YMCA has the mission to build a new assembly hall and to expand branches and program centers. Taegu YMCA, facing the bloom of municipalism, should value the role of cooperation between the central and the local governments. It is really essential to offer programs for adolescents and further community welfare that the government hesitates to do. It is of paramount importance to build a good assembly hall for the citizen's education and rest. The double axis of Christianity and Youth are the main reasons behind the ability of the YMCA to keep up with the times. Taegu YMCA will get more and more recognition from the community as the initiative and progressiveness from young members permeates into the YMCA policy. To do this, it is no exaggeration to state the crucial role of the investment in adolescent and youth members who will be the new leaders to ensure the maintenance and enhancement of Taegu YMCA.
  The wave of globalization, localization, and informationization of the 1990's will affect the YMCA in the near future. Taegu YMCA will have to open its minds and consciousness to all the new global issues and remember the slogan : "think globally, act locally". It is of significance to build up a bright and healthy community, and that is a huge lighthouse by which Taegu YMCA, as a global citizens' association, should be guided for the coming new millenium. It is, also, its duty to implant this international citizens' ideal into the youth and moreover to provide alternative ways and practices for brighter civil society.       Taegu YMCA should hold a meeting with overseas brothers and the 3rd World to activate the International Exchanges and Cooperations. Taegu YMCA must restore the ethnic community by building up the ideology for reunification and launching a variety of programs that the Korean Society demands.
  History is still breathing. Taegu YMCA will have to join the history of God's Saviour by following God's Words. Taegu YMCA, a Christian Youth Organization, is a living creature with self-mobility. So it should not stay at one point, but embrace the new coming changes. Facing the Third Millenium, Taegu YMCA, located in the center of the global community, will seize the meaning of what God's Will is, and what His Mission is. And in the Third Millenium it will carry out them successfully.
  Brothers, I do not imply that I have made it my own, but one thing I do ¡ª forgetting what is behind and reaching out for what lies ahead, I push on to the goal for the prize of God's heavenly call in Christ Jesus.
Philippians  3:13-14



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